The pilot in a series of nonsense

Here’s our fancy new blog thing to show off all the tedious and fidgety bits of being in a band. But, more importantly to big up  our debut album called ‘Dead Cinema’ that will be out sometime in 2016 because we promised Alt Reading (Reading local press) that we would release an album every year starting from 2016. We didn’t choose 2016 for any reason other than it was half way through 2015 at the time and we weren’t going to get the record done by the end of the year. So far we’ve got 2 tracks finished and they’re sounding both angry, poppy and at least seven times more intelligent than Palma Violets. We are recording the album at UK Live sound in Reading where Tom works so we can work through the night. Our recording sessions so far have featured myself & Tom in a dark room making sure the door to the amp room is definitely closed before we start playing. We have been sticking synths through loads of crazy pedals and into guitar amps and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time it can be pretty fucking horrible. Luckily we are brothers so we can get away with being awful to one and other during these sessions. Petty things can seem quite big at 4am, but everything always ends up friendly and jovial in the end because we believe in what we’re making. ‘Dead Cinema’ will have 11 songs and I’ll stick the track titles up sometime soon. The first single ‘Hanging Tree’ will be out 1st June for download and if we get enough interests we might even get a few records printed to flog at shows. All this is being done through our own little DIY label, Freak Power: You should check it out! Thanks for reading.

Patrick X

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