Why we’re making an album no one will hear.

Lately I have been asking myself “why bother making an album no one will hear?”. I ask myself this whilst I walk to work, whilst I watch highly entertaining TV series and whilst reading radical German philosophers drinking cheap wine in bed. Whatever the location and occupation my internal monologue always replies confidently and comfortably. It tells me that this album I make may reach a small audience, but that is an audience that is small in comparison to a remarkably large audience, it is an audience I have compared with the great success stories of the indie archives stored forever in the digital land of the internet. The internet land that is forever in front of you, comforting you like a modern fireplace. This land brings trauma to my expectations, like so many other people perpetually seeking something to worship in a post-christian western world. The transcendental revelations experienced through deep reading and the scrutinizing of poetry demand too much of me and so I have sought after cheap momentary pleasures online ;). But, there is a genuine magic to be found online and it is through the discovery of new music. Not music forced upon you in rape-like lunges through advertisement, but music you discover through scrolling and clicking through your preferred genres on soundcloud and spotify (i know it’s evil) and recommendations of friends. This stumbling through the internet restores the personal adventure element of discovering new music that was debased by advertising. There are the acts that have been found, bought and sold through the internet and their material has been moving, progressive and beautiful, but there are others that have not been found by the business world. This does not decrease their beauty or smear their dignity. In fact they should be looked upon as a hidden wonder away from the gift shop. So what if the masses don’t hear our record, I will keep my fingers crossed that a lone wanderer will find it in between watching pornography and reading conspiracy theories online.
Pat x

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